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So the Kickstarter failed. So what? We still NEED to finish this movie. You can help by donating directly to our post-production fund. Please consider donating even a small amount today.  Read more about what your donation supports by clicking  here or clicking continue reading below.

Help Us Finish MANBABY

$385.00 of $5,000.00 raised

By donating you will exit this site to a secure PayPal site. MANBABY will never see your information and your donation will be processed by the good and greedy nerds at PayPal.


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Donation Total: $10.00

Your Donation to ManBaby Supports

  • ADR/Sound mix. This is most important! We are very CLOSE on this. Listen to the trailer…it’s going to sound great with a little love.
  • Crew/Cast travel costs. Our crew and cast have spread out across the west coast and in some cases beyond. We will keep these costs low, but we need to get some people back together.
  • Potential pick-up shoots/B-roll.  Right now, a lower priority, depending on how much we raise. If we can reach the magical $5,500 goal, we can actually re-shoot for around 5 days this summer and PAY our actors for their time. But even if we get half that we will attempt to shoot some additional material.
  • General Post-production.  Hard drives are cheap but they aren’t free.

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